Jul 222013
Digital Wedding Etiquette via Wedding Paper Divas.??????????????

Wedding Paper Divas surveyed over 1,000 adults who attended weddings over the past 12 months. Questions were based on the sharing of wedding details, photos, tweets, etc. on social media. While many encourage sharing of photos, some do not as they may not be the most flattering pictures. Some even distributed a special #hashtag for pics, video, and tweets.


This has really become a hot topic among brides recently and I can attest to this. There are many weddings where I see people just standing around playing with their phones. Could be wedding related or maybe they are just checking their e-mail, texts, or Facebook.

Regardless, it looks kind of silly when everyone else is engaged in conversation, eating, drinking, dancing and enjoying themselves while the wallflowers stand around checking their phones.

How do you feel about Social Media Sharing during a Wedding?


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