Jan 212013

Average Cost of a Wedding in Philadelphia, PA

CostOfWedding.com has detailed reports on the cost of weddings organized by City, State, or Zip Code.

They report that the average cost of a wedding in Philadelphia is $25,247. This is just an average and many factors influence the total cost of any wedding. They say that you should expect to spend more, anywhere from 50%-100% more, for experienced professionals.

Philadelphia DJ Entertainment Cost

For DJ entertainment, they cite $553 – $889 for an average disc-jockey entertainer.

For an experienced Philadelphia Wedding DJ, they cite the range at $1,067 – $1,422+.

Source: CostofWedding.com

Source: CostofWedding.com

Find the full wedding report, which includes Attire & Accessories, Beauty & Spa, Entertainment, Flowers & Decorations, Gifts & Favors, Invitations, Wedding Rings, Photgraphy & Video, PLanner & Consultant, and Venue, Catering, & Rentals, at this link here.

Dec 282011

Interesting statistics about the average cost of a wedding in 2011. You can also see the average cost by city.

Which brings us to the answer… the average cost of a Philadelphia Wedding in 2011 is $16,931.

The average cost across the country for wedding gowns, wedding cakes, wedding photographers, wedding florists, wedding DJ entertainment, etc. are there as well. 

Keep in mind though that it is an average only based on wedding data from across the entire USA.

Most brides and grooms that I get the opportunity to work with, however, don’t want average for their big day… would you?

You can read the full article on weddingstats.org here.

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