Jan 242013

Complete Guide to Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Digby & Rose, known for Custom Wedding Invitations  +  Letterpress Printing & Design, has a great infographic with helpful info on Wedding Photography.

Some of the tips include:

  • Average cost of a wedding photographer
  • 10 questions to ask your photographer
  • 5 must have pictures for your wedding

The infographic also has a handy Wedding Photography Opportunity Checklist.

This is just a general guide so take the time to research and ask questions when interviewing potential wedding photographers.

Best of luck with your Wedding Photographer search!

Jan 212013

Average Cost of a Wedding in Philadelphia, PA

CostOfWedding.com has detailed reports on the cost of weddings organized by City, State, or Zip Code.

They report that the average cost of a wedding in Philadelphia is $25,247. This is just an average and many factors influence the total cost of any wedding. They say that you should expect to spend more, anywhere from 50%-100% more, for experienced professionals.

Philadelphia DJ Entertainment Cost

For DJ entertainment, they cite $553 – $889 for an average disc-jockey entertainer.

For an experienced Philadelphia Wedding DJ, they cite the range at $1,067 – $1,422+.

Source: CostofWedding.com

Source: CostofWedding.com

Find the full wedding report, which includes Attire & Accessories, Beauty & Spa, Entertainment, Flowers & Decorations, Gifts & Favors, Invitations, Wedding Rings, Photgraphy & Video, PLanner & Consultant, and Venue, Catering, & Rentals, at this link here.

Jan 042013

Engagement Season is Here

It’s that time of year again – with the holidays, New Years, and Valentines Day coming up, it is the perfect time to get engaged and “pop the question” to your significant other.

With everybody already in a festive mood, it is one of the most popular times of the year for couples to get engaged. Whether surrounded by close family, friends, or 10,000 strangers, many will be saying “Yes” to the “Dress”.

Working in the Philadelphia area as a DJ and MC for 15 years and entertaining at many Delaware Valley weddings, I have heard some fantastic engagement stories. Some were spur of the moment and others meticulously planned to the very last detail. Some were in local spots such as Love Park, Rittenhouse Square, the top of the Art Museum steps, and the Jersey Shore.

Here’s to all of the soon-to-be engaged couples in the Delaware Valley….

Congratulations and best of luck with your wedding!

Nov 292012

TheKnot has a great article for Brides with answers to common etiquette questions when dealing with bridesmaids. Everything from who pays for what, to how much involvement bridesmaids should have in choosing bridesmaid dresses.

This is a must read for any Philadelphia or New Jersey Brides. Check it out here.

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Nov 282012

Winter Weddings: Simple Tips From A Celebrity Planner

When most people think of the popular time of year for weddings, they normally think of spring and summer. With the sun shining, a warm breeze, outdoor ceremonies and receptions are the norm. However, having a wedding in the winter is also a great time of year to bring winter elements inside the room.

Huffington Post Weddings
has some tips from a celebrity planner on how to make your wedding into a winter wonderland. A few of the ways to warm up your winter wedding are with lighting, color themes, centerpieces, etc.

You can read the full Huffington Post Weddings piece here.

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Aug 292012

8 Ways to Keep the Kids at Your Wedding Entertained

HuffingtonPost Weddings has a great article about keeping the children at your wedding entertained. Having young children at your wedding can be a blessing or a disaster waiting to happen if left unsupervised.

With most weddings being a family affair with guests of all ages, keeping the kids busy should be at the top of your To-Do list. I’ve entertained at many weddings where there were kids who were all over the place, during the First Dance, Toasts, Cake Cutting, and more. All it takes is one child to act up and it can have a negative impact on your wedding reception.

I have seen brides hire a babysitter, nanny, or family friend for the day to supervise the kids and keep them busy. It goes without saying that Adult supervision focused on only the kids is your best bet for a good time to be had by all.

Some of the tips for keeping the kiddies entertained in the article include:
  • Paper and coloring books
  • Crayons and washable markers
  • Board games

Check out the full article on HuffingtonPost Weddings.


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Your Philadelphia Wedding DJ is the blog for The Masters Group at www.mastersgroup.net.

Aug 232012

The Guy’s Guide to Getting Hitched

H&R Block, the tax people, have put together a great infographic on the groom’s responsibilities and tips for getting married.


It all starts with finding the perfect engagement ring.


Next is the proposal… do you do a nice intimate proposal or a proposal with a group flash mob and choreographed dance number? Your choice there guys… be creative!


From there, the groom’s tips are in the order in which each task should take place, with some helpful notes to help guide you along the way.

Why is H&R Block posting this? The answer is the last step in the guide.
Hint: It has to do with your personal finances as a new married couple.

Read the article and full infographic on their blog.

Your Philadelphia Wedding DJ is the blog for The Masters Group at www.mastersgroup.net.